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Passion First

The mindset of putting passion first is a hard one for me to grasp. From the time we are in grade school, we start to hear the pressure – “What are you good at?” “What do you want in life?” “What is your passion?” I never thought I had a passion. I didn’t have one single thing that screamed at me, “DO THIS!” I didn’t know what I ever wanted to be when I ‘grew up,’ or why I didn’t know. It was quite annoying. I always assumed that people who were happy with where they are in life just knew that is how their life was going to be all along.

Okay, now I know that isn’t true. I’m not delusional. No one knows exactly how their life will work out, how the day will go, what will be thrown their way. But don’t tell me you haven’t had those thoughts! Those jealous, mind consuming thoughts. It’s time to let go of what society is telling you to do, to let go of how you perceive others, and to stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on YOU and you can find happiness.

So, how can you find your passion? With a little focus, a little exploration, and a lot of dreaming!


What are you good at? This is hard for people to answer – I tend to focus on my weaknesses, and it is hard to see the strength. In order to look into what makes you who you are, and why you are drawn to certain activities, it is important to realize what you are really good at. If you can’t see what you excel at, ask someone you trust! Don’t just focus on the tangibles (music, writing, cleaning), but on the intangibles – your ability to interact with children, your keen sense of awareness in a tense situation, your intellectual curiosity, your integrity.

How can you take these strengths and convert them to you passion? By exploring!

Explore Your Interests

Once you have a good grasp on your strengths, start exploring! This might be the hardest part for some people, but with the internet in our hands at all times of the day, a simple search can yield a whole new world. You can find a group who has a similar love of indoor gardening. You can join an online book club if you love to discuss literature but are uncomfortable meeting new people in person. Putting yourself out there, in a vulnerable manner, is the best way to grow your passion and lead you to discover something new about yourself.

Take a Stand

Don’t listen to those who say you can’t do it. Easier said than done! This is one of my weaknesses. I hear someone question what I am doing, and I immediately retract and start to question myself and my intentions. I need to constantly remind myself that this is MY life. There are MY passions and I am in charge!

Stick to your values and know that you are the only one who can live your life as it is intended. Daily affirmations have helped me stick to my values. I review my values and affirmations at the beginning of each day, and this small act of review helps me to stay focused and true to myself.

Be Authentic

This last task – to be authentic – ties the other three together. If you know your strengths, are willing to explore your interests and only listen to yourself, you are being an authentic individual! Be true to who you are – there is only one you!

You might not immediately know what you are passionate about, but focusing on finding your strengths, exploring your interests, taking a stand, and being authentic are great places to start. Everyone starts somewhere!

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