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We Are Connected

Everyone who comes into our lives can assist us in living our dreams. Do you believe this?

Embrace Everyone

I have always seen the good in others. Always. I trust people too much, put my heart into friendships, pour love into others and I don’t always have it reciprocated. The thing is, I do this because I know that there is good in all people, and if I can serve just one person a day, I will be at peace knowing I have made a difference.

When a new person comes into your life, you have a decision to make: will they help you, hurt you, or have no impact at all? Often we make this decision in a split second; turning cold to those we think will hurt us, not embracing the fact that a first impression is not always what it seems. I am a quiet person, therefore my first impression is sometimes that I am stuck up, too good for someone, or just a bitch. The fact is, I’m not great at small talk (working on it…) and I have this need to form what I am going to say in my head before I say it, and then when I’m ready, the conversation has moved on.

I have big dreams, and I am sure you do too. Who are you overlooking that may be able to help you on your path? How would you even know if that person can help you if you don’t give them a chance? Constantly seek to serve and be served by those you come into contact with, and you will begin to see your dreams, and others’ dreams too, in a different perspective.

Maximize Positive Relationships

While it is important to embrace everyone, not everyone will be an encouraging relationship to have in your life. It is important to keep those who are a negative influence or who bring you down at an arms distance. Spend more time with those you trust with your dreams, who are encouraging you to go for it, and who you can help by being a positive force in their life.

I have had multiple friendships that were not meeting my internal needs. My dreams were not being supported; I was not being my best self. I did not purposely cut these people out of my life (unless they cut me out?) but our friendship slowly died. With some people, I did not ever feel hurt by the death of the friendship. I knew in my heart they were not serving me, and I had to move on.

Who in your life is not serving you, and you need to spend less time with? Who is bringing you down constantly? Can you have a conversation about it with this person?

Build Your Dream Team

Who in your life is your biggest cheerleader? Who do you look up to as a leader? You need to recognize the critical role certain people play in your life, and and develop those relationships that are going to be so crucial to your dreams.

I recently took a leadership class, where I learned about the “Square Squad.” Brilliant author Brene Brown wrote about the square squad in her book “Dare to Lead.” Brown explains that the square squad is the four people in your life whose opinion of you matters the most. These are the four people who you can be most vulnerable with. Who are these four in your life? They need to be on your dream team!

Who else has experiences you can draw from, who can provide valuable support, or who can help you with resources? Examine your life and reach out to these people. You have value for them as well!

Lead with Value

Offer help before you ask for help. Don’t go out expecting others to help you without first offering to help them. What skill do you have that can assist them in the pursuit of their dreams? You have so much more to offer than you think! Ask your square squad what your most valuable assets are, and then look for how you can use those assets to add value to your relationships.

We are all connected, and all desire the same thing: to be happy. We are all able to help each other in some way, but we may have to dig a little deeper to find how someone can help us. Give everyone a chance, as you never know who might come into your life and change it for the better!

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