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2018 In Review

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bad memory. I don’t even know what happened yesterday, let alone a year ago. However, 2018 was a pretty big year for me. Here are a few highlights:


Have to start out with the “negative.” I got a divorce. It’s a good thing, actually. I was severely unhappy for a long time, and while there are a lot of details as to why, that is not important here. The important things is that I got out!

Let me tell you – there is a lot of work that goes into a divorce. It’s emotional, it’s frustrating, it’s gross. However, I am happier. I am 1000 x happier and free! While there are still issues to work out, as we have a son together, when I am happier, my son is happier. And that is what matters to me.


I quit a job that was not serving me well. I had been at this job for 6 years, and had the opportunity to move to multiple departments and learn the ropes. I am aware this does not often happen and I was very lucky to be trusted as much as I was. I ended up in accounting, which was not my strong suit. I tried to communicate to the company how I was not suited for this, but at the time there was nothing they could do. So I quit.

Now, I would not have quit had it not been for the selling of my house in the divorce. I had the means to live without a job for a while. This might not have been the smartest idea… but it was the best for my situation. I was able to relax, refocus, and reset. I was able to go to therapy and focus on bettering myself and my life.

I did get a new job a few months later. It is an ideal job, off in summers and school breaks, but I am still working out a few kinks!


I found a love for therapy. I have embraced that being in therapy is not a bad thing, and I hope to remove the stigma of “being in therapy.” I have realized that talking to a third party about what is happening in my head is not only healthy, it is freeing. Together, my therapist and I have dug into the deep recesses of my brain and pulled the pieces together of who I am and why I am this way.

Therapy has allowed me to be stronger in my interactions with my ex, it has allowed me to forgive people who have hurt me in the past, and it has opened paths that I did not know existed. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to talk to a therapist, even if you think you are “okay.” There is always a topic to explore!


New Love

All of these experiences have led me to find a new love, a man who treats me with respect and who believes in me. He makes me realize that there are good men in this world who want to be their best self, and who will go to lengths to make women feel respected. We have had many adventures so far (including an amazing trip to Vegas!) and there are many more to come.

My Blog!

Past, Present, Possibilities has been an eye opening experience for me. I am so relieved to be able to write about my past and use my experiences to help others realize their potential. I cannot wait to see where this goes in 2019, because I have big plans. I know that God is guiding me in sharing, in reaching others, and in continuing my journey.

My blog has allowed me to feel the need (and have the courage) to reach out to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and I am going to begin sharing my story on their Victim Impact Panels, as well as other speaking opportunities. This is the beginning of a very special time for me! I will keep you all updated!

That is a very quick overview of 2018…. Cheers to 2019!

Healthier, happier ME!!

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